Limited Five Years on Frames
One Year on Domes

Tru-Lite Skylights manufactures and stands behind our top quality skylights. Should any defect in materials or workmanship cause the product to fail to perform as it was designed, we will replace the defective skylight for the original buyer with proof of purchase. We honor a five-year warranty on frames and a one year limited warranty on domes.

Warranty limitations include, but are not limited to, damage caused by misuse, alterations, accidents or certain damaging weather conditions.

Note: NEVER USE ammonia or petroleum based products to clean acrylic parts of skylight domes. Doing so can cause a chemical reaction and can ruin your dome. This action will automatically void any warranty.



About Tru-Lite Skylights

Tru-Lite Skylights is a family owned and operated business. Our name and reputation is well known in the Tucson area. We bring years of dome and skylight manufacturing experience. This provides you with the best in quality natural lighting solutions. Natural light is fundamental to all living things.  More than any other element, light, with its many moods and variations, can greatly assist us in making a house a home.

Natural light is fundamental to all living things. Natural light from skylights also makes for a brighter more upbeat environment for your home and place of business. Tru-Lite Skylights strives to “Brighten Every Day the Natural Way”. Our skylight products bring both vibrancy and relaxation into your life.

Tru-Lite Skylights manufactures hundreds of sizes and styles of skylight products. We serve the commercial, residential and do-it-yourself markets. Our stock also includes a hand-picked variety of nationally known skylight brands. Each skylight can be refitted with a dome of your choice.

We use our expertise and knowledge of skylights and related products to collaborate with architects, designers and contractors alike. We spend time with each customer to assist you in making the best choices for your specific needs. We believe the more you know about skylights, the better choice you’ll make!

Tru-Lite Skylights has endured these economic times by listening to our customer’s needs. We believe this has helped us to develop eco-friendlier products. These reduce the carbon footprint of your home or place of business. This adds energy savings for every customer.

We owe our success and gratitude to our many faithful customers. We listen to your recommendations. We at Tru-Lite Skylights thank you for supporting small business… “the backbone of America”.

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