ecoshade HeatShield™ Energy-Saver Domes

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User Friendly

  • Film protected
  • Easy to handle
  • Less fragile


  • Add sophisticated elegance, charm and natural light to interiors


  • Blown domes are strong without the weight of glass


  • Natural sunlight has been proven to bring a feeling of energy and vibrancy to your environment

Budget Friendly

  • Acrylic skylight domes are priced well below heavy glass

Museum Grade Lens

  • It filters out 98% of damaging UV rays.
  • The Op-3 lens is crystal clear like polarized lenses.
  • This OP-3 is less than half the weight.
  • It is also many times more break-resistant than glass.
  • This OP-3 lens protects against fading and yellowing of your valuable fine paintings and furniture.
  • It is used by museums across the world.
  • This lens is also a good consideration for people who are more UV sensitive due to health considerations.

Specialty Domes

Tru-Lite Skylights chooses to use only the highest quality acrylics.

These come in colors and finishes to meet most interior decorating needs.

  • White domes
  • Clear domes

Tru-Lite Skylights is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of our new EcoShade HeatShield Energy Saver Dome.

Copyright Tru-Lite Skylights. All rights reserved.

Dome features

  • Older domes existing in a solid frame can be replaced with a Tru-Lite Skylights dome.
  • Tru-Lite Skylights specializes in providing custom made skylights to meet your individual needs.
  • We can custom manufacture to fit specific shapes or spaces.
  • All industry sized domes are stocked in our Tru-Lite Skylights warehouse/factory.
  • Designer shapes and colors are a specialty offering at Tru-Lite Skylights.
    • Vaulted and multi-domed skylights
    • Odd shapes: pyramid, octagon double-hip and ridge skylights
    • See-through domes in bronze and gray (Designer domes of the grey or bronze may need an Op-3 museum grade inner-liner. This will give maximum 98% UV blocking protection to your valuables)

High impact domes can be a good choice for skylights that are subject to projectiles such as golf course and school zones, etc.

  • This exclusive high-tech dome balances affordable, efficient savings with your heating and cooling efficiency needs.
  • The EcoShade HeatShield Energy Saver dome blocks 70% of infra-red heat and 98% of harmful UV rays.
  • It allows life enhancing natural light to be transmitted into your home or workspace.
  • This incredible dome greatly blocks heat build-up.
  • This dome also has an inhibitor within it that replaces the need for the OP-3 museum grade UV blocker.
  • EcoShade HEATSHIELD Energy Saver Domes provide a favorable return on investment of $0.77 savings per square foot vs. earlier regular skylights.

This museum grade lens is specifically formulated from OP-3 acrylic.

Limited Five Years on Frames
One Year on Domes

Tru-Lite Skylights manufactures and stands behind our top quality skylights. Should any defect in materials or workmanship cause the product to fail to perform as it was designed, we will replace the defective skylight for the original buyer with proof of purchase. We honor a five-year warranty on frames and a one year limited warranty on domes.

Warranty limitations include, but are not limited to, damage caused by misuse, alterations, accidents or certain damaging weather conditions.

Note: NEVER USE ammonia or petroleum based products to clean acrylic parts of skylight domes. Doing so can cause a chemical reaction and can ruin your dome. This action will automatically void any warranty.

Replacement domes incorporate improved 21rst Century high-tech features.


replacement Domes

  • Bronze domes
  • Gray domes

High Impact Domes

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