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About Us

Domes / Speciality Domes

Tru-Lite Skylights uses the highest quality acrylic in producing their domes in white, clear and bronze/gray.

The best kept secret in the Southwest is our energy saving HeatShield dome and it is only found here at Tru-Lite Skylights! We call ourselves... ”Home of the Incredible Dome”...

Replacement Domes, Colors & Shapes

Tru-Lite Skylight DomesAs long as you are replacing domes, this is an ideal time to consider your needs and the values of newer, improved skylight domes. Replacement domes have evolved to our lifestyle needs. If your existing skylight frame is in solid condition, all Tru-Lite domes can be retrofitted to size.

Tru-Lite Skylight DomesWe stock all common sized domes and offer many dome choices not found elsewhere. Also available are designer vaulted, multi-domed, and odd shaped, such as pyramid, octagon, double-hip and ridge skylights. Standard white-over-clear domes can be upgraded to high impact, museum grade UV lenses, and the new, energy-saving HeatShield dome. Equally popular are the see-through domes in bronze and gray. More in-depth information on these can be found in the following paragraphs and on our "Literature" page, under Data Sheets.

High Impact Domes

Tru-Lite Skylight DomesThis highly resistant dome has a 70% greater resistance and flexibility to impact. This is the ideal dome to consider if you live near a golf course, school yard or any area with a greater than average threat of projectiles.





HeatShield™ Energy-Saver Domes

We are the exclusive makers of our new HeatShield domes in Southern Arizona. The affordable, efficient energy saver balances your heating and cooling efficiency needs.Heatshield

The new acrylic material blocks 67% of infrared heat. It is an affordable, efficient energy saver, which allows natural light transmittance into your home or workspace and greatly blocks heat build-up. For every square foot of skylight replaced with the new HeatShield domes, the savings are as high as $0.77/sq. ft. As you can see, the payback period is quite favorable for HeatShield dome replacements.

More technical information about these domes is listed on our “Literature” page, under Data Sheets.

Museum Grade Lens

This lens is specifically formulated from Acrylite® Museum Grade OP-3 ultraviolet (UV) filtering characteristics. This dome filters out 98% of damaging UV rays. The Acrylite OP-3 Tru-Lite Skylight Museum Grade Lenslens is crystal clear like polarized lenses, less than half the weight and many times more break-resistant than glass. It further protects against fading and yellowing of your fine paintings and furniture, and should be considered for people who are more UV sensitive, either through medication or other health conditions.

Dome Features

User friendly - film protected, easy to handle, less fragile
Beautiful - adds sophisticated elegance, charm and natural light
Lightweight - blown domes are strong, not heavy like glass
Healthy - Sunlight is proven to bring energy and vibrance into being. Plants, pets and people benefit from natural light
Affordable - Priced well below glass with many budget choices

*** Tru-Lite Skylights are manufactured using acrylics listed in the following reports: ICBO REPORT ER, SRCCI RR#95-25. All standard Tru-Lite Skylights are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 2 years (from date of purchase) excluding acts of God and misuse of product.  Provided that the product is installed in accordance with industry standards and workmanship.  Liability of Tru-Lite shall not exceed the original purchase price or replacement of the unit, nor shipping and installation costs. Replacement domes are warranted for a one-year period.*** DO NOT USE AMMONIA OR PETROLEUM BASED PRODUCTS TO CLEAN YOUR TRU-LITE SKYLIGHT DOMES.

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