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There three ways of transferring energy, conduction, convection and radiation.

  • Infrared light has a longer wave length which means that we cannot see it with the human eye.

  • Infrared radiation is an invisible form of light that we usually detect as heat. It is how we feel the heat of the sun on our face or the heat of a campfire.

  • Any warm object gives off infrared radiation.

Tru-Lite Skylights is, first and foremost, a manufacturer and distributor of skylights. We use experienced installers with years of experience with all types of skylights. We also make references to other qualified installers and roofers.

  • Tube light domes gathers light off you roof.
  • Light passes along a highly polished tube into your room.
  • Tube light is all self-contained and very intense, like a cold spotlight.
  • Tru-Lite Skylights carries Energy Star rated brands which qualify for IRS and state of Arizona tax rebates.
  • Ridge lights

Can Skylights Open?

Yes, there are many options and styles of skylights that can solve a wide variety of energy efficiency solutions.


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Are Tube Lights Energy Efficient?

What are the benefits of using skylights?

do tube lights come in different sizes?

do skylights come in a flat design?

  • Most skylights today are made with a double domes creating a thermal barrier against solar penetration increasing energy efficiency.
  • Skylights made in our factory utilizes a variety of newer products such as the energy-saving “HeatShield”.
  • This product provides extreme heat blocking capabilities while still giving you natural light.
  • Tru-Lite Skylights uses this HeatShield technology in the manufacture of our exclusive EcoShade HeatShield Energy Saver dome.
  • Skylights also come with a wide variety of accessories that provide further high energy efficiency and can add addtional comfort to your home or business.
  • This wide choice of accessories also let the wonderful natural light that adds quality to your home or business.

Does tru-lite skylights Install the Skylights?

Yes, for a flat skylight, the optimal material is glass. These are made of tempered or tempered-over-laminate glass. Flat skylights can also come with a combination of options. For more information visit:

Yes, tube lights are very energy efficient.

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Tru-Lite Skylights Frequently Asked Questions

Do tru-lite skylights Accept Credit Cards?

  • Yes, we accept credit cards with proper identification.
  • We accept most major credit cards.
  • See credit cards listed below.
  • We carry 10”, 12”, 13”, 14” and 18” tube lights.
  • We also carry higher profile tube lighting for commercial installations in 18” 21,” and 24” sizes.
  • See technical information on tube lights and optional lens choices on our Literature page.

are skylights energy efficient?

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  • Pyramid
  • Triangle
  • Double-hip
  • Octagon
  • Ridge lights

What Is Infrared?

  • Only skylights can distribute and diffuse natural light into a large space.
  • Skylights offer the most dramatic impact in daylighting.
  • They can be designed in a variety of shapes and mood enhancing colors.
  • Specific architectural designs can provide the dramatic effect of moon and star gazing.

Yes, both acrylic and glass skylights are made in operable designs for ventilation. Manual, electrical or solar remote control methods are some of the opening options available.

What is Plexiglass?

Limited Five Years on Frames
One Year on Domes

Tru-Lite Skylights manufactures and stands behind our top quality skylights. Should any defect in materials or workmanship cause the product to fail to perform as it was designed, we will replace the defective skylight for the original buyer with proof of purchase. We honor a five-year warranty on frames and a one year limited warranty on domes.

Warranty limitations include, but are not limited to, damage caused by misuse, alterations, accidents or certain damaging weather conditions.

Note: NEVER USE ammonia or petroleum based products to clean acrylic parts of skylight domes. Doing so can cause a chemical reaction and can ruin your dome. This action will automatically void any warranty.

  • Skylight daylighting is "FREE" natural lighting.

  • Skylights bring the outdoors in and conserve energy.

  • Skylights provide privacy while providing the best light.

  • Skylights can open up a smaller room by lighting up shadowy spaces.

  • Sky lighted rooms provide natural light throughout an entire room where plants can thrive in the vibrant natural light.

  • Skylights are a great escape from dark confining spaces.

  • Skylights provide open wall space for display and other decorating options.

  • Skylights make a room feel cheery and vibrant, great for shut-ins and recuperating patients.

Plexiglas is an acrylic brand name, such as is Lucite.

Yes, tube lights come in a variety of sizes to provide natural lighting solutions for many profile spaces.

do skylights come in a variety of shapes?

are there any advantages of skylights over tubular skylights?

Yes, skylights come in a huge selection of shapes and sizes to provide a variety of solutions to your natural light needs. Skylights can come in many decorator shapes for that elegant designer touch to highlight any room.

What are the advantages of Tube Lights?

  • Skylight domes gather light from many angles due to their height.

  • Skylight domes are designed to shed water.

  • Tru-Lite Skylights are efficient, economical and easy to install.

  • Skylight domes come in many different types which can provide solutions for many specific lighting needs.

    • Heat blocking

    • High impact

    • UV blocking

  • Tube lights can be a good solution for highlighting an area.
  • Tube lights are a good choice for lighting a small shadowy space.
  • Tube lights can be installed at an offset angle to receive directed light.
  • These lights are quick and easy to install.
  • They come in one box for standard installation.