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Curb mount frames are the preferred choice for a tile roof.

  • The curb is built to exceed the tile height for proper water run-off.
  • Curb mount frames are the quickest change-out skylight.
  • By removing an old dome from a good frame, the new one installs quickly.
  • These curb mount frames can be fitted with specialty domes.
  • These frames can be powder coat painted to your designer colors.
  • Curb mount frames can come in fixed, operable and custom sizes.
  • ID or inside dimensions are important in measuring for the correct size skylight installation.
  • See Skylight Sizing Data Sheet.

Tru-Light Skylights manufactures high quality skylights in custom and standard sizes.

  • Manually operated skylights come with an extension pole for higher reach areas.
  • Solar operation is the latest in fresh air skylight using remote control!
  • No electricity installation needed.
  • See Velux's solar operable skylight video below

All Skylights can be made operable.

  • Low-e dual pane glass is a high-energy efficient product

  • Flat panel glass skylights meet some of the more stringent HOA and Historical District requirements

  • Velux skylights meet Energy Star approval guidelines for energy efficiency

  • Optional accessories

See Literature page for more information.

Limited Five Years on Frames
One Year on Domes

Tru-Lite Skylights manufactures and stands behind our top quality skylights. Should any defect in materials or workmanship cause the product to fail to perform as it was designed, we will replace the defective skylight for the original buyer with proof of purchase. We honor a five-year warranty on frames and a one year limited warranty on domes.

Warranty limitations include, but are not limited to, damage caused by misuse, alterations, accidents or certain damaging weather conditions.

Note: NEVER USE ammonia or petroleum based products to clean acrylic parts of skylight domes. Doing so can cause a chemical reaction and can ruin your dome. This action will automatically void any warranty.

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Self-flashing frames are ideal for flat and pitched roof styles.

  • Self-flashing/operable frames are the most popular style choice by roofers.
  • Self-flashing/operable frames are easy to install.
  • These do not need a curb constructed to install them.
  • Flashing is extruded as part of the frame.
  • Heli arc welded seams make for a water tight construction.
  • Self-flashing/operable frames can be fitted with specialty domes to meet your individual needs.
  • These frames can be powder coat painted to your specifications.
  • Self-flashing/operable frames also come in fixed, operable and custom styles.
  • ID or inside dimensions are used to measure proper fit for each skylight installation.
  • See Skylight Sizing Data Sheet.

Self Flashing/operable Frames

Curb Mount Frames


by Desert Style Designs

Velux Industries manufacturer residential and industrial glass skylights, low-e glass, operable and louvered models.

Tru-Lite Skylights manufactures and distributes hundreds of skylights.

  • Tru-Lite Skylights conform to standard roof framing practices.
  • See Literature page for extended list of industry model numbers & dimensions.
  • Our extruded 6063-TS aluminum frames are water tight.
  • These come with condensation gutters.
  • Heli arc welded seams are individually inspected.
  • We insure the highest quality welded seams.
  • Our welder is a full-time member of our highly trained staff.
  • Non-standard sizes, special and custom orders can be filled quickly.
  • We often can provide custom orders the same day.
  • Each skylight can be retrofitted with domes of your choice.
  • See Technical Domes Data Sheet.
  • Standard sized skylights are stocked at our factory/ warehouse for your convenient pick-up.
  • We are located at, 1038 S. Euclid Ave., Tucson, AZ 85719.

Tru-Lite Skylights
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Tru-Lite Skylights is the sole manufacturer of the EchoShade Heat Shield Energy Saver dome, the “home of the incredible dome”. This dome blocks an incredible amount of our southwest heat!

Tru-Lite Skylights has a model and size to satisfy the needs of both the professional or Do-It-Yourself market. Our professional staff works together with Do-It-Yourselfers, contractors, architects and designers. We help make your beautifully lighted home dreams come to life.

See Windows vs. Skylights Data Sheet

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